First semester

SL6CY051 History and epistemology of linguistic sciences

Wednesday 1600-1800 (ODG 165) ,

Otto Zwartjoes

LL02Y020 History of linguistic theories.

Tuesday 1600-1800, ODG 166.

Otto Zwartjoes


Second semester


– Anne Abeillé :  Advanced Experimental syntax

Tuesday 3-5 pm,


Starting Tuesday  January 16th


Gabriela Bilbiie (U Bucharest)  invited professor: Ellipsis and Romance languages

Monday 4-6 pm room 533

Monday 29 January

Overview on ellipsis in Romance: theoretical and empirical perspectives

Monday 5 February

Experimental perspectives on ellipsis and embedding (Romanian, Spanish, French + other languages: English, Persian; gapping, stripping, pseudostripping)

Monday 12 February 2024:

Experimental perspectives on ellipsis and prodrop (Romanian, Spanish; gapping)

Monday 26 February 2024:

Experimental perspectives on ellipsis and case asymmetry (Romanian; elliptical comparatives) ; and gender asymmetry (Romanian, Spanish, French; gapping, stripping, pseudostripping)


Anne Abeillé & Barbara Hemforth : Readings in Experimental grammar

Friday 4-6 pm room 533 (alternating with Experimental linguistics group)

January 26th

February 9th

March 8th

March 22

April 5th

May 31



(Minimalist syntax)

Second semester, starting January

Organisé conjointement par les laboratoires SFL et LLF  Groupe de lecture / présentation de recherches en cours sur des sujets concernant la syntaxe et ses interfaces.


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